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Me, Myself, & Einstein Salsa


Me, Myself, & Einstein Salsa


There have been numerous studies published about how talking to yourself is a sign of higher intelligence. I am clinging to this ideation since I talk to myself all the time.

Sometimes I talk to the pets, but I don’t expect much of an answer. The apathetic stares I receive from the two of them followed by barks and meows at least make me feel a little less off my rocker. My favorite invalidated resource, Google, has an overabundance of links telling me that Albert Einstein talked to himself. This is clearly fabulous news, because who can argue that Einstein wasn’t brilliant.

If you do find someone who intends to argue send them to see Sheldon Cooper, who knows a genius theoretical physicist when he sees one. I can say this about Mr. Albert Einstein, is that he seemed smart enough to not care if people saw him talking to himself. That feeling must have been liberating. Do You Talk to Yourself? Einstein used to.

Now that I have demonstrated that babbling to myself in the kitchen makes me clever not irrational, I can share what happened last week when I decided to make homemade salsa. It was a Thursday night, which is sometimes the ‘iffy’ night for dinner. By iffy I mean that we had food to cook, but no specific meal in mind. I had a full-blown discussion with myself while opening every cabinet and staring in the fridge for an extended amount of time. “Why did you not plan better than this,” was my first question to myself. This verbally criticizing comment was followed by, “why do we have so many canned vegetables, I swear I didn’t buy all these.” After three all-inclusive searches, I determined we had all the ingredients to make taco bowls. Then my epiphany……. I had all the stuff I needed to make homemade salsa.

“This is just beyond fantastic news; I am so excited about salsa, yummy! Guess what, I get to use my new food processor too!” These were the last words I spoke to myself that day in the kitchen. My verbal excitement was accompanied by a little dance and as I swiveled around to get the tomatoes there stood the entire household: spouse, cat, and dog. Clearly, they had seen my little episode and maybe I should have been embarrassed, but I decided to act like nothing ever happened.

The next few days I became acutely aware of how much I talked to myself. You would think since I have been talking to myself my entire life I could have already managed to gain control of how much I do it and when.

Mrs. B.

The next few days I became acutely aware of how much I talked to myself. You would think since I have been talking to myself my entire life I could have already managed to gain control of how much I do it and when. I could throw out the observation that only children maybe talk to themselves more than those who have siblings, but that is something I haven’t researched. Please strike my previous comment from the record. I had to wonder though if my family thought I was ridiculous? I wasn’t sure I cared, because that homemade salsa was delicious and my excitement about the salsa made it even tastier.

Albert Einstein

My next move was to conduct internet research, which always makes me feel more in control of a situation. One of the first links I clicked on was an article published by CODE, a life coaching website, in August of 2018. The author of the article points out five common benefits of talking to yourself. Talking to Yourself Can Be a Sign of High Intelligence According to a Couple of Scientific Studies. I was prepared for most of the responses like how it helps you learn faster, achieve mental clarity and organize your thoughts. The one thing I had not previously considered was the last benefit which indicates that talking to yourself motivates you to achieve what you want. BINGO! Internet science just gave me permission to give myself a positive pep talk. If you don’t speak kind words to yourself then you can’t expect other people to do it for you.

Being successful is not easy and positivity doesn’t come to your aid swiftly in times of distress. What I do feel empowered to say is that talking to yourself quite possibly makes you smarter and saying nice things to yourself will make you feel better.

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