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Functional Fitness Questions and Answers

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Last week we discussed the importance of setting goals and how coaches can provide support throughout the goal-setting process. One area that individuals gravitate toward when they begin setting goals surrounds their physical fitness routines. Having a personal trainer address functional fitness questions and answers is a great place to start. We are fortunate that …

Be Healthy

Be healthy

We know it is important to be healthy, however, being healthy does not feel or look the exact same for everyone. It frequently includes certain foods for meals, healthy snacks, and physical activity, however it encompasses quite a bit more. Numerous research articles demonstrate how living a healthy lifestyle aids in living longer and provides …

Be Kind

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Be kind is an all-encompassing statement that has a variety of definitions depending on who you ask. Being kind is something we are encouraged to practice every day. Depending on the circumstances this directive is sometimes easier to accomplish than others. The Do You Yoga website explains kindness as a muscle. The more we use …