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YouTube Your Workout


YouTube Your Workout

By Mrs. B

We all innately know that exercise is good for us. The CDC recommends at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week. Saying it like that may seem like a lot to some folks. Taking a brisk walk or playing with the kids a few hours each week makes it sound like a more achievable goal. For many of us, it’s not about finding 20 or 30 minutes each day, it’s about what to do in that time-frame that provides the most benefit.

In 2012 I took on the challenge of becoming a certified personal trainer. I enjoyed exercise and I was working full time at the YMCA in community engagement, so I thought ‘why not’. It would give me a way to make a little extra money and help people at the same time. “I’m gonna hurt someone; this was a terrible idea” were some of my initials thoughts after I began studying. It’s truly an uphill battle to learn all the muscles and joints in the body. However, over time it became fun and I was given the opportunity to work with some amazing people who just needed a little extra motivation.

For many of us, it’s not about finding 20 or 30 minutes each day, it’s about what to do in that time-frame that provides the most benefit.


After leaving full-time employment at the YMCA I realized that my new job endeavors were not allowing me time to train others after work or attend continuing education classes to keep up my certification. Thus began the downward spiral of putting exercise on the back-burner. These new jobs were taking a considerable amount of time that I had not anticipated. Years ago when I was health coaching I had people tell me all the time that their lives didn’t allow for exercise. Poor naive Felecia wondered how in the world that could be possible. Apparently, it was true, sometimes you really don’t have time. I was flabbergasted as to why this issue was not a hot topic in the center of every conversation. I decided to make it my mission to stop this vicious cycle right in its tracks.

We are very fortunate that we have space for exercise equipment at our house, but being exhausted doesn’t provide any motivation to hit it hardcore even when it’s just 50 feet away. It’s not my intention to be ripped up but to feel healthy, to feel energetic, and maintain my weight. If you have ever seen me dive into a bag of popcorn while bragging about my morning fitness session you know exactly what I mean.

A great way to stay motivated about exercise is accountability. Was my new plan to have a friend text me every morning like some sort of drill sergeant telling me to get my butt in gear; highly doubtful. Staring at myself in the mirror for a pep talk doesn’t help much either. Aside from feining a nervous breakdown to get out of work or reduce my sleeping hours, even more, I was almost out of ideas. Then things slowly came into focus on how to possibly combat this dilemma.

My new accountability partner: YouTube. I know what you are probably thinking “Felecia, YouTube has been out since 2005, thanks for the mediocre advice.” Give me a chance to explain. If the goal to maintain one’s health is to engage in 150 minutes of cardiovascular activity plus two days of strength training each week, then I need 5 days of accountability every single week. YouTube has endless hours of every type of exercise imaginable. I use YouTube at home at least three times a week and it’s also easy to utilize while traveling. I would like to share some of the videos I have used over the last few months to accomplish this goal. Some will be entry-level, some intermediate, and some advanced. So let’s start sweating…

15 Minute Full Body Cardio

This is a great 15-minute beginner cardio + basic strength training. I love almost all of the videos I have seen with Rebecca Louise. Check out more on Rebecca Louise

45 Minute Full Body Toning Workout with Jake DuPree

This is a more advanced workout but has someone to follow in the video that is using modifications for most exercises. Jake is FABULOUS and I promise you will love the commentary. You’re Welcome! Check out more about Jake here

10 Minute Fast and Furious Flat Belly Workout

If you are looking for a good intermediate core workout, then look no further. Check out more of POPSUGAR Fitness videos when you have time. She offers a variety of exercise classes with varying levels of intensity. Each video has a unique guest host who teaches and trains in a different way.  POPSUGAR Fitness website

Morning Yoga for Hip Flexibility & Energy

This has been one of my go-to intermediate yoga routines. She has so many wonderful yoga videos that range in time frame and intensity. Check out more on Yoga with Kassandra

I also have several workouts that I have tried and would recommend on my Pinterest page. You can follow me on there to view those @ FeeBras1230 under the tab ‘Fe’s Fitness Likes’.

In love with exercising at home,

Mrs. B

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