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Mornings Matter


Mornings Matter

Many of our days start with the sound of an alarm clock.  You begrudgingly reach over to hit snooze and physically begin to tense as your brain runs through the litany of action items for the day.  This coupled with a lack of motivation to climb out from under the covers can cause even the most productive person to dread mornings. After you finally leave the comfort of your bed and make it to the kitchen or bathroom it is a race against time for the remainder of the day.

“The things we think, say, and do in the mornings set the tone for the remainder of our day.”

How we as individuals approach mornings matters. Articles, blogs, and interviews all over the internet place emphasis on why it is important to have a morning routine. Successful leaders have shared their morning routines, which range from meditation, podcasts, and serious sweat sessions to engaging in faith-based activities. 

The routines that each of us creates in the morning are important because they are activities, we deliberately choose for ourselves.  Each person’s morning will look different based on their lifestyle and their goals for the future. Incorporating a routine helps bolster personal productivity, professional success, self-satisfaction, and an overall feeling of achievement.  If engaging in morning activities is new for you try to set up a routine that focuses on having your individual needs supported and incorporates behaviors that reinforce personal health and well-being.   

Things to consider including in your morning routine…

  • Positive Self-Talk – listening to a podcast, watching a YouTube video, or viewing a religious service can all create a positive mindset for the day.
  • Meditation – this can be in the form of quiet time, prayer, devotional, or guided mediation. There are suggestions for guided meditation apps at the end of the article for reference. 
  • Exercise – yoga, Tai chi, stretching routines, taking a jog, lifting weights, or attending a fitness class with others aid in awakening your body each day.
  • Breakfast – taking the time to fuel your body with something healthy and filling supports not just physical well-being, but also boosts cognitive function.

I encourage each of you to examine your morning routines while asking yourself if the habits you currently have set the foundation for how you would like our day to progress? If your current schedule needs some assistance there are some app suggestions below to help you find a more centered process.

Each day offers a new opportunity!

Mrs. B.



Headspace has dual functionality allowing the user to leverage either the online platform or the option of downloading the application from the app store.


Calm is touted as being one of the most well-rated sites on the market. Like Headspace it also has the capability of online management or the option of downloading the application through the app store. 

My Life Meditation

My Life Meditation, formerly known as Stop. Breathe. Think., has received great ratings and reviews, but my personal experience has taught me the online capability is lackluster compared to the usefulness of the app itself. 

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